After an outpouring of interest from seo forum community members, I'm finally "pulling back the curtain" on one of my LIVE campaigns, exposing the gritty details behind the formula I've been quietly milking for the past year.

While other marketers have been busy picking up the pieces after the Panda/Peguin debacles, my 1-Page review sites remain unblemished, pulling in stellar profits even though I'm "breaking all the rules" that put everyone else in murky water!

Making a respectable income online can be downright grueling, especially considering the increasingly volatile environment of today's SEO world. It personally took me 3 years of trial & error before eventually perfecting a method that had this customer raving:

If you're looking for a course that'll teach you how to build 100 lenses that make $5/month each, go talk to the part timer stay-at-home mom's club, because this guide is WAY above your pay grade. While even good Squidoo marketers are lucky to hit $800 in a month from a countless portfolio of lenses, I'll show you how I get it done with just one, pushing the envelope with a battle-tested strategy that's proven impervious to Google's temper.

Get INSTANT access to the methods I've tried and tested over the last 12 months, ensuring I make at least $500/mo. from every new lens after learning what works and what doesn't.
Most of my lenses clear $1K/mo., with a couple that breach the $3-$4K mark. Oh yes, you read that right, all from single page review lenses on a platform that many think is "dead", and a "joke". That's fine by me, because this joke has me laughing all the way to the bank.

In this 91-page report, I'll "walk you through" all the measures I take with links to full screen, web based, high-resolution videos covering the ins and outs of making a killer affiliate review lens so good, your grandma will tell all her friends about it at the senior center.
Oh and yeah, start replenishing your bank account after Google nuked your last cash cow.

My strategies aren't the next "flash in the pan" solution that'll be here today and gone tomorrow. They're based on sound fundamentals for leveraging trust, authority, & rock-solid SEO techniques to accelerate your results. Toss in a "break-through" method for connecting with readers, and turn an ugly duckling lens into an A-List Hollywood starlet.
*(Struggles with anorexia and DUI sold separately).

Experience some light bulb moments as I dissect the pros of Squidoo, strategies for tapping into buyer mentality, and private, rarely discussed insights into how to get your lenses churning serious profits that'll have all the 'nay sayers' shouting, "WTF, how'd you do that?"

Follow my guide and start "throwing caution to the wind" with keyword targetting.
The greatest benefit of using Squidoo is it puts you at an unfair advantage right out of the gate, breaking the sound barrier on what 1-Page review sites can do.

Wouldn't it feel good being the authority page other marketers are losing sleep over trying to beat? While everyone else is pouring dollar after dollar into more links & site content, starving for Google's attention, you're dominating the serps with a single page, sweeping up the traffic & commissions, and doing little to maintain a coveted SERP spot.

Come to grips with the normality of tackling niches or keywords you would otherwise avoid, as you're about to harness a power platform that'll send your campaigns into overdrive!

WARNING: Please keep hands & feet inside the vehicle at all times.
Seriously, I've almost lost fingers barreling through the competition on my way to the top, and be sure to signal before passing in the fast lane, that's just good manners.

Sometimes things aren't as "black & white" as you'd expect, and require experience, research, failures, and plain old dumb luck to get this right and learn the following:

Squashing the efforts of my affiliate peers isn't my favorite part of the job, but spending their commission checks does make it easier to deal with ☺. All kidding aside, someone's gotta lose for you to win, and that's just the nature of this business. But in order to transform the earnings potential of a lens, you MUST change your mindset & approach, and unlock the hidden power secretly buried within each one.

Too many marketers look at lenses like a solitary, insignificant web page, who's only real value comes with a collective force in large numbers. I make a mockery of this theory, and will show you how to crush these disbelievers like a bug.

At the end of the day, serp rankings are "single pages vs. single pages", & I'll prove why you don't need a 20-page review site to dominate a niche, creating chaos among your competitors, and weilding an ax at anyone who gets in your way. I hope you paid your water bill, as this material's scorching hot, and you'll need a cold shower to avoid heat stroke.

This ain't your average "Grandma Tillie's" Squidoo guide to supplemental income. This puppy's LOADED to the gills with the most advanced high monetization techniques for Squidoo available anywhere on the internet.

If you're plenty happy with "slapping up" under-developed lenses in 30 minutes, then letting them sit in hopes you'll make it to page 1 for a term that gets 200 searches per month, this guide's really not for you. Don't get me wrong, there's a ton of practical knowledge in here to improve that strategy (and for the price, you'd be a fool not to steal it from me), but you don't need my help in picking up the low competition scraps.

What this guide REALLY is and who it's for:

updates to customers at no additional charge.FREEI've already rolled out a few updates from my pre-release copy, and if I see evidence of similar questions coming in from multiple people, I'll add new content to the course and distribute

Although I've made every effort to ensure this guide is as thorough as possible, there's always a chance you'll have additional questions as you embark on future affiliate campaigns with Squidoo. Feel free to contact me at any time for advice, suggestions, feedback, or any other general questions you may have.

See You On The Inside,

Logan Sargent
Search Marketer