If you need any support or have a question, feedback, suggestion, or other, please contact me via the Support Helpdesk. All current customer tickets will be responded to as soon as possible (non-customer general inquiry tickets within 24 hours).

Support Helpdesk:  /support/

The Helpdesk/Ticket system allows me to monitor and track any and all customer service and support related requests and respond to those needs in a timely manner.

A quick one-time registration is required, and to get detailed instructions and/or help with how to use the Helpdesk system, simply click on the image below:

If for any reason you are having difficulty with the Helpdesk system, you can contact me by submitting a contact/support request here.

Please do not use this contact method unless you are having trouble with the Helpdesk as it may delay my response to you and email often times gets lost in spam filters. That is why I have the Helpdesk in place so that all requests are logged and tracked.


Logan Sargent
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